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Bowling: Striking Out for a Prize

A friend's wife won a bowling party: 16 people, two hours, free shoes, chips/salsa.

My scores

And, when the pink/red bowling pin was in the center place, I bowled a strike. This won me the same prize. My friend won the same.

The days of three not so impressive games harkens back to the days in high school. Most weekends, Charlie Dillon, Andy Anderson, Tim Huang, Jerry LaGrou, Jeff LaGrou, and/or others –- we headed to the Tinley Park Bowl in Tinley Park. The lanes were worn and poorly waxed, but we were bad bowlers. It made no difference. We were bad, and we knew it.

These guys were friends from Dunlap’s Restaurant, the chess team, Youth and Government, and, in a few cases, all three.

After a few miserably fun games, we would head to a White Castle for cheese burgers and orange pop. Low-key in all regards, and days I miss completely.

Bowling now was so much nicer. The company was fantastic either way, but the passage of the Illinois smoking ban has made bowling once again possible for nonsmokers.
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