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Cheering for Drop in US Abortion Rate?

US Abortion Rate Falls to Lowest Level in Decades

Easily cheering? Why?

Do we cheer when there are fewer battlefield deaths in Iraq? Not one of those mourning parents are cheering. Not one of the dying soldiers is cheering. Remember the big attention Cindy Sheehan received as she mourned her dead son? She never cheered.

Not one of the babies laid to rest by knife is cheering. They have never cheered, never had a voice in their own execution.

Do not cheer. Do not become passively numb: what number of abortions is acceptable? The numbers in the story are not the hard decision abortions when the life of the mother is in question.

These are the unwanted, disposable children. Planned Parenthood suggests "Every child should be a wanted child," and remind customers if they do not want their child, to dispose of them via a tidy operation. This isn't LASIK eye surgery I am talking about.

I once was more vocal about this issue. Made a few enemies, and a few friends. Organized a few well-attended events, promoted some others - a 5K road race, a formal debate, prayer chains, a multi-church service, various protests and rallies. Lots of letters to the editor, as well as organizing a local letter campaign.

Am I less passionate about pro-life matters? No. I stopped believing politics will be the answer. I still quietly consider a candidate's voting record and clear views when I vote, but I have not been as involved.

Places like Planned Parenthood are still hurting America, and increasingly on trial:

Kline says Planned Parenthood made up abortion records
On Oct. 16, Kline filed a 107-count criminal complaint against Planned Parenthood and its Comprehensive Health clinic. It accuses the organization of performing illegal late-term abortions in 2003 and of falsifying, forging and failing to maintain abortion records.
The miracle of birth is still impressive:
Hurricane Katrina's 'rescued embryo' baby turns 1
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