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For God Alone (a poem)

Periodically, I am honored to write for one of the most esteemed and well-read religious magazines in the world, Decision Magazine. Included below is a sample, a poem which I believe is still important today as it was in 2002.

I remember well the context of this poem. 9-11 had just happened, and I saw America's patriotism rising. Many Christians, I felt, were putting our security more in the capacity of our military, and less in the Lord. I also felt that my first citizenship, my only real citizenship, is in Heaven. I was afraid, as great as America is, our reliance on Christ was taking second place.

When asked about my political leanings, I tell them I lean away. I vote, and I try to vote responsibly, but ultimately, do not put my trust in any political office the way I put that trust into God's hands.

For God Alone
by Anthony Trendl
first published in Decision Magazine

For God alone do I step on this dusty land--
My nation is divine, and waiting for me.
In Him alone can I find liberty sweet,
Because of Him alone, I have no condemnation.
The earth, this country, my present home,
Will all give way to crumbling dirt:
No security in country or people will I find,
But Christ alone is freeing, loving, ever kind--
To Him alone myself I bind.

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