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Morning in Florida: Sleepless in Orlando

Sleeping well in another place. Easy? Hard? I don't know, but there is only morning now, and I am tired with a full in front day of me. The run I hoped for will not happen now. Maybe this afternoon.

I am not sure what time it is. 8:21 am.

My room (Disney's Coronado Springs Resort) is something like the one here. Roommate Roy, a coworker I have never met, should be by later. last night, it was my room. That's not him in the picture.

Today at 10:00, check in begins. The day for me has no particular agenda, though my colleagues will be working hard. The relative ease of my new job ends when we return, as these same colleagues, particularly my boss, will have more time to focus on other things. This convention is a big deal, and they have treated it as such.

I need a cup of coffee, so, for now, this'll be enough.
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