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Unconsidered Opinions are the Larceny of Human Thought

Unconsidered opinions are the larceny of human thought. That is a sentence, and my opinion. I have opinions that have little basis other than it makes sense to me. Poor apologetics, I know. Not everything can be proved, but that doesn't make it not true. Faith is belief in things not seen.

Thoughts are stolen less by ignorance, which, at some point, is the modus operandi of the human condition, and more by the laziness to seek first what is true.

It seemed as good as anything of a thought to begin a blog with my name on it. I believe it on both sides - people do not think enough before opining, and I am among those people. However, people also depend too much on what their eyes can see to tell them what to believe.

update 2-25-08: RIP: Death of a Hero: Larry Norman Meets the Lord in Person

Larry Norman remains a favorite musician. Remarkably honest, with his heart on the line, with lyrics I wish I heard on the radio today. I first heard this in the late-1980s, at a time when everything good was new. Faith was fresh and earnest, with no gray or wrinkle in my perspective. The people I first heard this song with are a long way from me today, across states and oceans, but the song remains the same.

The years -- they slip away, and my memory's fading, but what remains exciting is the pursuit of what is true and good. Seeking first the kingdom of God.

Laboring into a treatise about truth won't get us anywhere, so, for now, that'll be enough.

I Hope I'll See You in Heaven by Larry Norman

See http://www.larrynorman.com/
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