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Victor Wooten and Mark Hanson Play Amazing Grace

I'm a sucker for good fingerpicking guitar, and Mark Hanson has a lot going on. He brings a Louisiana-style sound to a classic song. This one about a slave trader who realized he was wrong, and was sorry for all of it.

Amazing Grace

Not to be outdone is Victor Wooten, picking out the same song on a bass.

As songs go, this one reaches a strong part of our cultural heritage: A country mourning collectively over the wrongs we did generations before to Africans, or calling out to God what a sacred grace He gave us through His son? Or are we hearing it as part of our growing up when we first grew to know God? Even those who have left things of faith know this song. Transcending all denominations, it reaches far. How far? This performance by Victor Wooten was with banjo player Béla Fleck in Budapest, Hungary.

I could go on about the wonders of these performances, but it is late. So, for now, that'll be enough.
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