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10,000 Votes and Maybe More: An Amazon Reviewer Hits Milestone

Anthony Trendl's reviews on Amazon.com

So what? I review. More than most. As of this moment, people have cast 10,000 positive votes on behalf of my work. A few (2,176, to be exact) had the audacity to vote otherwise. In the end, votes for or against, those are merely coincidental as I love writing and reading. Still, it is a milestone I cannot help but notice.

If you look right now, you will see:

Customer Reviews: 659
Reviewer Rank: 141
Helpful Votes: 10000

These last several years of reviewing have been an adventure. I reviewed hundreds of books, met Amazon reviewer friends at the famed Algonquin Hotel, have been offered money by publishers and authors hoping I will say nice things (I declined). I have been sent all kinds of products to review.

I read a lot, and reviewing helped me process it.

One author decided he was so upset that he sued me, and the case and its derivative cases almost went to the Supreme Court. Poor chump. Free speech won over the author's opinions of my opinions.

Once in a while, someone will read something I wrote and try shut it down by rampaging against my reviews, voting negatively at whatever most recently I have posted. I just smile when I see this, knowing that this encourages me. It shows I am influencing those that the reader is afraid I will influence.

On the plus side, I have enjoyed correspondence with some modestly known authors, started a website HungarianBookstore.com highlighting my reviews and more, and have found my reviews quoted all over the world. The HungarianBookstore.com has likewise enjoyed kindness, even being considered by the Library of Congress as a source for Hungarian recordings and Braille books.

My reviews have been read by clients and potential clients, creating interesting conversations. Interviews are never ordinary if they have been plowing through pages of my work.

"What a long strange trip it's been." Grateful Dead - Truckin'

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