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Word Game for the Wordy (Great for Long Drives)

This word game might appeal to Scrabble, Boggle and crossword lovers.

One person says a word, and the next person builds from it, taking part of the word and making a new one. There is no winner or loser, just the fun of coming up with words. It can go as long as there are words left. It works in every language, most age levels, and with as many people as you like.


  1. Take the last two letters of the previous word and include them in the next word.
  2. The next word may not finish with the last two letters of the previous word.
  3. No word may be used twice.
  4. No suffixes or proper nouns.
  5. At least three letters in each word.
  6. The general Scrabble dictionary rules apply as far as what is acceptable otherwise.
If the word is ‘chicken’, the ‘en’ becomes fodder for the next word. ‘Enter’, ‘Nerve’ and ‘Elephant’ all would work. ‘Listen’ would not because it ends in ‘en’.

A line of words might go: Chicken, Elephant, Tennis, Interest, Stone, Another, Earnest

Want to play? Follow up earnest with your word, then watch for someone to respond.
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