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6:15 Ante Meridiem, Travel Coffee Mugs, and Romans

Why men's Bible studies and other related church groups need to start before birds awake is beyond me. As it was, then, I awoke at 5:45, checked me e-mail, grabbed and shower and leaking mug of coffee and ran out the door.

I was late.

Grace abounds, and received grace I did. Though I was the last man to sit, all was good.


If we could live life without personal guilt or judgment, would we choose this? That's what study guide author, and theologian, John Stott asks.

Yes? No? Easier answered quickly than deeply. What do you think? Why?

As the time ended, coffee mugs - the travel kind - came into discussion. Less important than what Paul wanted us to know, but not unimportant. Mine leaks.

The reason? According to consensus, dishwashers.

I have lost more mugs than I have, and more seem to show up daily. Clients give them to me. Then, I leave them in meeting rooms, church, on trains. Anywhere somewhere else.

Now, late, I am running off to run. Actually, driving. It is raining, or was the last I looked so, like my coffee mug, I expect to wet. You'll see how my run went by checking my running blog. It is tough workout today, and I'm tired already.

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