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American Idol Includes Jesus 'Shout to the Lord' - Modern Christian Praise Song

Jesus Christ gets his due? Hard to say, but he was mentioned tonight.

The overwhelming interest in this morning's post draws me to look at tonight's American Idol - Idol Gives Back edition, beginning with the familiar Zschech Darlene version (Hillsong Australia). In an earlier post, I included her version, but below I am including Don Moen's.

According to Wikipedia:

"Shout to the Lord" is a popular worship anthem, written by singer/songwriter Darlene Zschech in 1993, published by Hillsong Music Australia. It is sung regularly at many Christian churches, festivals and youth gatherings.
Tonight, the words seem to reflect the original. Did American Idol producers bow to pressure from Christians? Was this in the contract from the start? I don't know.

American Idol Waters Down 'Shout to the Lord' - Modern Christian Praise Song

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