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An Icon Dies: Charlton Heston's Life on Earth is Over: What is a Miracle?

Charlton Heston has died (see Moses Will See The Promised Land - Film legend Charlton Heston dead at 84).

I know little about his personal life, but there is no getting around the stunning skill he brought to characters like Moses. His parting of the Red Sea, when I was 8 or 10, watching for the first time in the mid-1970s, blew me away. It was part of what caused me to think of what a miracle might look like.

Was the ground dry? All of that water would have left the sea bottom soaking. What about seaweed, fish, sunken vessels? God must have managed that. An imperfect miracle, however defined, makes no sense. If God does a miracle, He will get it right.

Miracles are not natural. Supernatural. Beyond natural. As such, hard for my natural mind to imagine. What did the Red Sea really look like when the real Moses raised his staff? I don't know. The Ten Commandments movie with Heston started that question, still yet unanswered.

I can't explain a miracle. When God, going beyond the realm of science He already created says, "Do this," and His command carries (which it always will), that's a miracle. Sometimes we see them, other times we don't. The Apostles saw Jesus make five fish and two bread loaves into enough to feed thousands. They saw the product of a miracle when Jesus walked among them after His death. Had to be hard to imagine, even right in front of them.

Where does Charlton Heston go from here? I don't know. Only God knows.
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