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Complaints of Rainy Sundays While Other Suffer for Their Faith

Bird nesting on a pipe in a Wheaton, IL parking garageMy original title was witty, or pithy, if you will: It's Raining, It's Pouring, I Awoke to My Own Snoring.

However, in considering the situation, it too easily dismisses the reality others across the globe encounter for their faith.

Rain has been gently flooding my lawn for hours. The gutters are overwhelmed, as is the grass below.

I am wondering how church will go, as our parking lots are too small for the size of the congregation, and so people park along the street, or in a large parking garage normally used by train commuters during the week. All the water might cause reconsideration for church attendance and/or parking.

We usually parking nearest the door, but I suspect more people will give that a try. Where will we park?

Whatever moaning I might have about a few tricklings of water, there are those who face much greater challenges getting to church. There's no blogging about Jesus there, or worries about church parking lots too crowded on a raining Sunday morning. They are truly persecuted, most often by Islamic forces in power, or a Communist form of atheism. See the link below for a list of countries, with links to each's situation.


A little rain looks pretty good in light of what struggle really means. As I sit here, sipping coffee, with every need met, I am glad God has reminded than my abundance should not be taken lightly, or help too closely.

What can I do? I don't know. I will pray for an answer. Offer yours, if you have one.

picture: Bird nesting on a pipe in a Wheaton, IL parking garage. Found on Picasa. Jesse's Public Gallery » The long commute
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