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David Archuleta on American Idol Gets My Vote

Is it because David Archuleta stands humbly, not caught up in the glitz? Or is it because he is boldly stepping away from his father's controlling efforts and becoming his own man? Might it be that he gracefully sang John Lennon's beautiful song, "Imagine," yet left off Lennon's foolish, "imagine no religion" lyric?

It could just be that this kid is taking on American soul, and doing it right.

His competition is not as classy or talented. Syesha Mercado has turned into trying for the sexy image thing in her Tina Turner lounge act. David Cook has trained his tired image into a one trick alternative pony. What's there to say about Jason Castro? He's a peanut short of a brain.

Sure, American Idol fans culled out the lessers, but only David Archuleta has got depth of character, and skill. I was not a fan of him in the beginning, but now, I am won over.

Ben E. King - Stand By Me

Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender
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