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How to Parent a Savior: A Guide for Mary - poem

How to Parent a Savior: A Guide for Mary
Anthony Trendl

To feed:
often, as needed, whenever --
For He will grow to feed 5,000,
and all who are hungry for good things.

To clothe:
swaddle with the softest blankets --
For He will be a tough warrior,
whose battle is greater than ever was.

To clean:
with water, especially around the ears --
For He will hear our cry for mercy,
and will cleanse us of every sin.

To discipline:
with love, always --
For He alone will be righteous,
as only He will fully know the Enemy from the Father.

To love:
with abandon, as your child He is --
For He will leave your care inside a tomb;
to His care you return when the tomb He leaves.

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