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Barack Obama Busted for His Tolerance of Abortion

While Barack Obama tries to buy off Hillary Clinton supporters by asking his own supporters to fork out cash for Clinton's massive campaign debt, he steps into hot water by talking smack about James Dobson. It comes down to influence: Obama has no influence of prolife people, unlike Dobson. Obama is wasting his time, especially since John McCain has not overwhelmed voters with his views about abortion either.

Hillary Clinton, in turn, is doing in New York what Illinois voters miss, working in the Senate. Obama quickly hit the road after his election in the Illinois senate to run for president. Although he has a storied career in public service in his younger days, these have been rare in the last few years.

Meanwhile, James Dobson gets in Obama's version of Christianity, suggesting the O is biffy on the details. O called him, in essence, a liar.

And, about religion, there's Richard Dawkins, the most religious atheist. Who does he vote for?

Politics aside, I am disappointed that Barack Obama is not willing to speak up for unborn children.

What? Barack Obama is running for president, so that makes this a political conversation? I guess you could go there.

No, that's just a coincidence. Obama is a leader with the capacity to influence our nation for good. Instead, he prefers to conclude it is OK to kill an unborn child. Politically expedient or not, death is death.

This is not about John McCain. I am not a Republican or Democrat (read why). I have not decided who I will vote for. But I will vote. Anything less, and I give my freedom away.
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