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Don't let your kindness be random. Be strategic.

Remember Practice Random Acts of Kindness: Bring More Peace, Love, And Compassion into the World?

Nice thought. Don't do it. Be intentional. Be focused. Get it done. Don't wait for random opportunities. They aren't random.

Thinking of life as a collection of random events is fatalistic. If you believe in God, and I do, He is in control. Always. If you don't believe in God, and your life feels random, it means you aren't in control and, then, being kind really will not matter.

There are the less grandiose kind things, like doing some unspoken thing regularly for your neighbor. There is the going on a relief trip, like to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina - hardly random. There is the planned giving of a large amount of money each month to an organization dealing with AIDS worldwide (sadly, not just an American problem).

The list goes on. All of this can be planned. It is 8:53 AM as I writing this. The day is just beginning. What can I do? I know a few things.

A better budget, which includes fewer meals eating out, fewer first run movies, a used car, can open tremendous amounts of money for this kind of freedom. In fact, you might save enough to allow you time off of work to volunteer for several months or a year. Then, don't waste that year. Plan each day.

A better personal calendar, which includes waking up earlier, wasting less time reading my blog, regular exercise (so you are physically capable to help), eating strategically with a friend, can release your schedule into one not filled with uselessness, but usefulness.

Don't waste your life. Anything less is selfish.
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