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Karitos 2008. This might be interesting you Midwesterners. I have recently becoming involved with them, with my key responsibility at the moment maintaining their blog.

The short description of Karitos is that it is an annual Arts Conference "providing Biblically-based artistic and technical growth experiences to Christian artists." The next one is July 31-August 2 in Bolingbrook, Ill.

Two recent posts worth looking at:

Blogging as a hobby, it occured to me, is different than as an occupation. This blog (the one you are reading), falls somewhere in between hobby and work. I'm my own boss, and I really do not make a lot of money (very little) from this, so it lands more in the hobby side of things. As an occupation, though, it hits a few points: I'm very aware I have an audience, and work hard not to self-indulge with in-jokes, personal life stories and photos, and thoughts that are better kept in my diary. While I don't shy away from what I think or believe, I want to avoid MySpace syndrome.

The Karitos blog leans closer to an occupation. They came to me and asked me to take it on. They have a mission, and my job is to stick to it. I agree with the mission, so the tak is hardly painful. My topics aim toward their goals. However, it is not a corporate blog, and there are freedoms as such. I'm not selling anything.

All that is to say, it has been a busy week blogging.

Somewhat related
Google as indexed my consulting site: AnthonyTrendl.com. One page now exists officially in the search engine.

It looks like this:

What I Do: Trendl Communications
Communication consultant Anthony Trendl can help your company: writing, communications management and strategy.
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