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Björk - Declare Independence: Tibet, Freedom, Christianity

I am a new Björk fan. Her minimalistic style in the midst of complex electronica works. While industrial, she never loses the song in the sound.

"Declare Independence" opened for her a controversy I happen to agree with. She has named some countries, particularly Tibet. China, naturally, cannot tolerate opposing speech, and has blocked much of Björk's work.

She says, "“When I said "Tibet, Tibet", I whispered it three times. There was no fuss in the room. It happened afterwards on websites. It shows more than anything that China has become the next superpower in the world. And the issue is: how are they going to deal with Western moral issues like freedom of speech? China said, ‘It's obvious Björk planned a trip to China with the purpose of political propaganda gathering… and I was like, no! It's not true! It's a question of [them] sensationalising it.”"

I wondered what it would be like for the fearful, inhibited, encumbered Christian, the one who is free already, but lives like they are not?

Raise the flag, Christian. Don't them do this to you.

As for China, watch out. Freedom's coming.

Björk - Declare Independence

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