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Music, Burgers, Books, Views: When in Chicago

Chitown's offering are somewhat date-dependent. Ravinia is a favorite, but it depends who is playing, just north of the city. As you might know, it is a beautiful park with outside seated and lawn concerts from the CSO to rock. Listeners bring food, wine, candles.

Same thing with Grant Park/Millenium Park Festivals. Blues, Gospel, Jazz.

Long walks up Michigan Ave, window shopping, always choice.

For books, Hyde Park.

For eats, that is about budget and taste: the Billy Goat Tavern, Gino's East on the cheap end.

On the expensive end, options are endless, but out of my league. For pure romance and a gorgeous look at the city, there is the Signature Room on the 95th Floor of the Hancock Building. Best view in the city.

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