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Freedom of Speech: Obama, McCain Talk with Rick Warren

Freedom of speech lives in America. Rick Warren, the pastor of Saddleback Church in California, opened a dialogue with Barack Obama and John McCain. Obama has been very direct in calling himself a Christian, and McCain has not been as direct. Read the news.

As a prolife and anticapital punishment Christian, I am pleased that this stuff is getting addressed.

It is a well-known fact that Barack Obama is comfortable with abortion, tolerating whatever moral he has for the legal right to kill an unborn child, yet is likewise comfortable leaving Iraq to fend for itself in order to save American lives.

It is also a well-known fact that John McCain is comfortable with war, tolerating whatever moral issues he has sending American soldiers into harm for the legal right for a democratic Iraq to exist, yet is likewise comfortable denying a mother a right to abort the life of her child, placing the mother's choice second to the child's imminent birth.

All moral issues are viewed through a moral compass. For Christians, that compass happens to be what they believe God wants. Either way, we all have standards.

Whether or not churches should be injected into the political process was not too deep a struggle for Reverend Jesse Jackson, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Phleger, or Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. They all seemed very comfortable with preaching their politics in churches.

Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter explained directly they were Southern Baptists. Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. held their personal beliefs somewhat quieter. George W Bush happens to be a member of the same denomination as Hillary Clinton.

A church is just a building, and Rick Warren in just a man, and the congregation he is a pastor of are just people, some of which are voters. He got Barack Obama on stage with John McCain, something no one else has previously done.

I hope the Muslim groups have similar forums. I am curious what John McCain and Barack Obama would say to these questions in a mosque, and how Muslims would phrase them.
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