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Misspelled, But Quoted: Finding Significance Briefly

So what if they misspelled my last name (only one 'e' in my name)? So what if they cited a different website (the correct one is also listed). A magazine quoted me.

A book review I wrote about an English-Hungarian edition of classic Hungarian poetry has been quoted in an English-language periodical covering and sustaining Hungarian culture. The quote is minimal, but it is an honor, since, only a few years ago, I had never heard of most of these poets. I am, by far, still an early student of Hungarian literature.

The issue came out in early 2008, but I only noticed it now.

To keep up with the news of my career, see the news area of AnthonyTrendl.com. As I list there:
NHV Book Review -- As Time Elapses and Sustains - The Lost Rider: A Bilingual Anthology by Ágnes Vashegyi MacDonald (New Hungarian Voice, Winter 2008: Volume VI - Issue I) (regarding my review of classic Hungarian poetry, The Lost Rider: A Bilingual Anthology.
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