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Submitted a Children's Book for Publication

The Title
The Boy Who Hated Doing Everything
. It is a short book, intended for the 7-10 year-old crowd, told in a classic American fable style, with silly images and characters, and situations that are preposterously fun.

The Gist
Jeremy is especially lazy, thinking only of himself. His mother goes to the neighbor’s to borrow coffee, and while she’s gone, the plumber, a fireman (with Tuna Salad, a gray and white kitty), a baseball team and his father all come by just before lunch. Jeremy never answers the door, and so they wait.

What Happens Next?
Will Jeremy gets his beloved rainbow parfait? You might imagine the pandemonium that ensues as the visitors figure out what to do, but, what I really want is that Henry Holt and Company publishes it for children to read.

The picture is my submission and letter to them, as well as a copy of my 2007 edition of the Writer's Market Deluxe Edition. I sent it today, 3-day, first class. Cost me a dollar in postage, and, not more than an hour of writing.

Within six months, my four-page tale is either recycled or sold.

Now, to prepare the next one. I have several started, and one essentially finished.
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