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Meeting My Peers: Three Amazon.com Reviewers at Lunch

That's me, and two other reviewers from Amazon.com. This week, we met in a breakfast-lunch place of no great regard, although its quality doubled by the presence of my two companions.

Both Jeanne and HistorianWannabe were more than delightful. Each was laid back, personable and engaging. Our time was brief -- not more than two hours. I fought the remnants of a cold, bringing less than my A-game of lucidity with a terrific headache, but they extended grace and patience.

It is always challenging meeting online people in person. Making the transfer from persona to personality is not easy, as part of who someone (if not all) is online who is who they are in person.

Remembering the online persona is also a challenge, since in real life we use real names. There, I am seen as A.Trendl HungarianBookstore.com, and often signed posts with my initials, ALT. HistorianWannabe has a real name too. Jeanne is Jeanne. My image of both was different than reality too.

It was hard to be friendly when I was wishing I could scrape out the inside of my head, clean it out like a cantaloupe. Standing in the rain Sunday watching a half marathon endeared me to a cold, for which Monday was filled with ache and suffering.

We avoided any contentious topics, and instead enjoyed what we shared. We all have in common a love for books, reading, and looking at life thoughtfully.

I hope we meet again, and draw others into this fledgling flock.

For the record, The Red Apple Pancake House is not bad. It is what it is, a pancake joint. Better than IHOP by far (only Denny's is worse), but no Walker Brothers.

Red Apple Pancake House
414 S Schmale Rd
Carol Stream, IL 60188
(630) 871-2911‎

Walker Bros Original Pancake House
153 Green Bay Rd
Wilmette, IL 60091
(847) 251-6000‎
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