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Moving to September 12: Love is All You Need

The morning of September 11, 2001, I was on the road to a project management seminar in Arlington Heights, IL when the rock station broke in for news. You know the rest.

What now, seven years and a day later? Do we labor in the memory of what happened? Yes, but we do not stay there. While looking back, we must also look forward.

Nothing changed except America's awareness of reality: Islam's message includes Jihad. Jihad includes a concept of fighting a visible enemy, which many Muslims consider the "west" and/or "Christians." I put these in quotes knowing both are misunderstood terms, just as the Islamic perspective of Jihad. See Wikipedia's definition of Jihad. Nothing new here, not under this sun.

The short version is a significant group of Muslims want to kill Americans until America becomes Muslim. Since this will not happen, the war will rage on. Kill Osama bin Laden, and a new leader of this slime will rise up. That mosquito will be slapped, but be ready for what spores will replace him.

Press on in Iraq. Exterminate the lack of hope. You want the audacity of hope? Go to Iraq, and foster hope. Whomever becomes president has this duty.

Next, love your neighbor. Hate by a Christian is an oxymoron. Whether he is Muslim, gay, atheist, vegetarian or a St. Louis Cardinal's fan, love him. No excuses.
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