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PADS Run Tomorrow (western suburbs of Chicago)

PADS 5K Run (western suburbs of Chicago)
I am volunteering. Join me. Show up at 6 am.

PADS' home office happens to be next to where I start many of my longer runs. They help, in short, people short of a long-term housing situation. In this case, various churches have banded together to provide volunteers, floor space, food and more for people to use during the coldest months.

In Chicagoland, where I live (around 30-35 miles west), cold really means cold. God has blessed our family greatly, and this experience I have never known. However, I worked for many years with the homeless, and have seen its difficulties second-hand.

As I love running, helping with a road race is easy stuff. You don't need to know running, though. They can use you. My friend is helping coordinate volunteers, and said they have plenty of needs for just a helping hand.

Donuts and coffee will be available, so no need to stop at Caribou. Just show up. Plenty of parking across the street.
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