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John McCain, Sarah Palin

Why Not Obama?
  • Heavily prochoice Barack Obama is not merely following Sarah Palin's tune of recognizing current law allows abortion, but will do nothing to limit abortions.
  • Obama offers too little when it comes to a vision for Iraq. I believe Iraq's success, and related issues of Al-Qaeda and terrorism are directly corresponding to worldwide peace. Freedom matters to me -- both mine, and the freedom of others. We need to ensure the world moves closer to global freedom, beyond the selfish scape of our own backyard.
  • Like John McCain, Obama is pro-capital punishment, which I am not. He offers nothing special here.
  • I will not vote for a man for the sake of history. No affirmative action, or anything other than who is the man best suited for the job. Obama is suited, but not the best. That man is John McCain.

Why McCain?

  • I trust McCain and Obama's integrity, as much as I might trust any politician. Both love America, want the best for America, and are smart, articulate leaders. However, although I trust Obama to do what he says, I do not want him to do it. Simple as that. I like Obama, and wish he was morally conservative in how he votes.
  • I believe John McCain can lead the USA. He will be closer to who Bush should have been, bringing us closer to what America should be.
  • I considered third-party candidate options, but this is too important of an election to vote 'in theory.' My perfect candidate would be different, but this will always be true.

I am not Republican. I expected to vote for someone other than a Republican this year, but this is my best choice.

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