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Political Diversity, Washington DC, and Good Meals

I'm in a hotel lobby in DC, on Connecticut Ave. Day's Inn, visiting my brother. Internet access is sketchy, and it blocks me from blogging. I'm post dating this, but going to actually post it back in Illinois.

Strange, wealthy areas: massively wealthy, like the former owner of the Redskins football team. Nothing like I've seen. Suprisingly laden with political signs in their yard. Only one candidate seems to be running in the big bucks area, but this is Washington DC, and only one candidate exists. All others, to them, are stupid.

This is Connecticut Ave, not a street famous for small events like cheering the hometown high school after a football victory. This is money. This is politics. All around are higher end restaurants, bumper sticker politics and caucasian people. As diverse as Washington is, intregration is clearly weak. One person admitted being a conservative Christian would be very socially difficult in Washington. I suppose the reverse might be true for other towns.

Ate at Dino's
Fusilli con Ragu d’Anatra "Bolognese"
Duck - house made corkscrew pasta in a ragu of ground duck, Duroc pork & veal, cooked with carrots, onions, celery, herbs, garlic, cream, white wine & nutmeg with grana cheese. We had a bottle of Deforville "Vigneto Loreto" {Nebbiolo} Barbaresco 2003.

Dessert was the best tiramisu I have had to date.

Enjoyed another meal of grilled filet mignon, green beans, coucous with onion, and to drink, Rioja (a delicious Spanish wine).
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