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A View from the Bridge: What I See Between

Arthur Miller's more famous play has little to do with any of this. Instead, above, is the view I have daily, looking southwestward. As bridges go, that's my role at Wheaton Academy. In my case, it means relaying through various media life at the Academy with either the outside world (mostly those living in the surrounding towns), or, the inside world. The inside world includes staff and faculty, but also parents, students, and to a degree, prospective students.

My cubicle is modest. I sit with a few others, with the head of school's office behind me on my left, and Nikki, who I report to, has an office in front of me to my right. Barb and Charity have cubes between. Just outside is a hallway trafficked by hundreds of students daily.

Stop by, and you'll likely hear jazz played from the College of DuPage's public radio station, WDCB. Projects that hit my desk include a quick weekly e-mail to the Academy world that alerts parents and employees of news, events and opportunities to be involved. Also, I manage the website. My fingerprints aren't really on it yet as I ramp up and figure out how things were done. I'm the paparazzi on-the-spot. My photo skills are limited, but I can work a camera and fix things in Photoshop.

All press releases, most brochures and other printed documents come through me as well. I don't write them all, but am more of a coach and project manager. I design some here and there, but the good stuff will be completed through a professional designer.

As bridges go, I am more than the extension, but also the car that drives between. In two weeks, my completed projects are few, but I can see that there are plenty of avenues. Academic and sports departments, music, art and theater, front office with the rest of the staff, and so on.

I am hardly the only bridge.

Each teacher ultimately remains the most important bridge on a daily basis. They connect students with knowledge, with faith, with God, with truth, with inspiration, working hard to compromise none of it. Each staff member is an ambassador, with a few positions being particularly interactive, like the Head of School Gene Frost, the Director of Admissions Brenda Vishanoff, and the various coaches. Topping it all off are the students themselves. The success of the school is in their hands as they are evidence of how things are done.
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