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1549 Days Left: No Celebration Worthy

Some people will cheer January 20, 2013 as a day Barack Obama leaves office. I certainly will not mind, but that's just one man leaving a job. Maybe he will be reelected. Then, his supporters will cheer.

What is sad has nothing to with who is in office. It has to do with who is dying, and who, on that day, will barely be remembered.

Few will have seen any of their faces, or cried when they were buried.

January 20, 2013 happens to be a Sunday commemorating the legalizing of baby killing. I can't call it murder because the courts accept the grinding up of a baby girl while still inside the mother as legal. The baby girl has no rights, of course, given her confinement in the body of someone who doesn't want her.

Planned Parenthood's adage "Every child should be a wanted child," presumes it is more acceptable to apply saline solutions (very strong salty water) to the face of a baby girl who is not wanted than to birth her. At least, the are cool with supplying this ability to the mother.

Yes, yes, it is also the day Barack Obama's first term ends. And, of course, he is famously prochoice with no desire of removing the choice to violently kill unborn children. Yes, yes, some of his supporters somehow believe he will decrease abortions during his term. For all I know he might, and I hope so.

40 years will have passed since Roe v. Wade has passed. Two generations. Roe v Wade actually was decided January 22, 1973, but it is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday that particular January 20.

Who will be cheered? Probably not the fallen, but the elected.

Hanging her head in grief might be Norma McCorvey, aka "Jane Roe." who now regrets ever being responsible for such infamy. The choice is now not hers, but each mother who has the right: to kill or not to kill. That is the question.
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