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The Counter Culturality of Voting for John McCain

A friend IMed me, and asked why I think voting for John McCain is counter-cultural. We didn't labor into who McCain is, but I replied as this (edited for context, clarity):

The culture clearly sways for the near future President Barack Obama, especially within my demographic (white suburban, educated male). I was dead set to not vote for a Republican, but hoped a better option than Barack Obama. My family, mostly, are hardcore liberal, hardcore Democrat. I'm hardly Republican, but I must look like it to them.

Some Obama fans see all who vote for Obama as enlightened, while all who are not are idiots. Broad-minded, are they, or as gullible as the "Obama is a Muslim" crowd?

Obama is a shoe-in for president, though, and I think Jesus' second coming will not be delayed as a result.

Reasons for voting for John McCain? NARAL's 100% approval rating of Obama was one (several years running), his economic solutions are another, and my belief that we need a strong military. The gay marriage thing? I'm not especially concerned. Much huffing by many Christian believers there, methinks, who want to connect a spiritual marriage with a civil one. The NARAL thing is big, and I am disappointed Obama has embraced a prochoice position so much.

Just the same, I do not think an Obama presidency will be there worst thing we endure, nor will McCain be a savior.

I'll be happiest when January 21st hits. No more signs, no more election, no more demonizing. We Christians, I think, too easily can forget the greater issue is not who is president, but who is Lord. We need to get down to the business of serving the right God.

I do think Obama is naive about doing all he wants, but naivete is not all bad. I see him as a kind of Mr Smith Goes to Washington. While I disagree with most of his position, I think he is sincere, and has integrity, and will work hard. I just do not want a man who has views so much in contradiction to mine.

I think Illinois will do well to get an active senator again, though. Obama could have done great things here, but chose to spend his best time campaigning. He is a hard working guy, but his attention has not been focused 100% on his day job.

I'm voting intentionally, knowing my choice will lose big.

I'll say something even less savory: I believe both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama when they claim Christ as their savior. Their claims are based on words I would have used myself, and 'love believes all things.' Romans 10:9-10 has no clause, "except for..." Really. Check it out.

Romans 10:9-10 is a bothersome verse, as it seems to include, not disclude, but in turn, lays down carefully that those who reject Christ are doing exactly that, rejecting Christ. 'Lord' means all others are second place, and there is no second place. We cannot conveniently accept some, and not others based on this. Truth is either truth or a lie. Never both.

"But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you"
-Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:44
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