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My Vote on Video (YouTube)

My two key votes: John McCain and Peter Roskam.

Despite a strong expectation to vote for someone other than for a Republican for president, I never seriously considered McCain until the last few weeks, but my choices otherwise were weak.

Sure, Barack Obama won and had Illinois in his pocket since running essentially uncontested (technically against Alan Keyes who gave no legitimate fight), and he's soon my president, but his values re not my values. You might say I voted my conscience.

Roskam got my vote because he serves my area, and has done so well in both public and private life. See my recent Roskam story.

(I've deleted the video from posting here, not realizing local laws prohibit me from displaying my actual voter card. Further analysis is needed to find out if my video is OK, but at first glance, maybe not, so I'll remain safe.)
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