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The Sun Still Rises: My President is Not My Choice, But I'm OK

Barack Obama has been elected. On January 20, 2009, he becomes my president. None of this whining "he is not my president" garbage like I heard from anti-George Bush types. I respect the office, I respect the process, and I respect the voters' choice. Just because it was not my choice doesn't mean the freedom to vote has been lost or abducted. Iran misses this, as do many of the Islamic countries.

Naturally, Obama is now charged with dealing with this, and will do so with no excuses. Democrats control Congress.

Thankfully, we will now get a new senator in Illinois ready to actually work rather than campaign. Ideally, it will not be someone part of the corrupt Chicago machine, or the nepotistic Chicago culture.

While Obama fans claim fewer babies will be executed during his tenure, the reality is Obama is prochoice. Like the faulty argument than pro-war people are best set up to avoid war, a prochoice leader is not designed to stop abortions. Unlike war, abortion is never necessary. At best, it is a choice made to save the physical life of the mother, and always, there is death. Just the same, the situation is as it is, and we'll see how it turns out.

Regarding Iraq, terrorism, etc., Obama will soon be privy to knowledge only presidents have. Let's see if he resolves or hinders freedom, safety and defense concerns.

The sun rose today. God has not abdicated his throne. Nor has Obama assumed any throne. He is just a temporary president, and entrusted by the majority of Americans to lead our country. The ball is not in Obama's court anymore than it was in Bush's. Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords.

Be frustrated if that's what you are about, but do not lose yourself. Remember the things which are right, then do them.
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