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There and Back Again: A Tale of Convergence

I have several worlds. One is growing up, in Palos Heights, through high school. More or less, the same people surrounded me. Then, in Bloomington, IL, three miniworlds: one as a college student, one as it related to a woman I dated near the end of college, and then, post-college, post-relationship before heading to Wheaton, IL for grad school, also with several miniworlds.

Grad school at Wheaton College brought me students and church mates from across the globe, most of whom have returned. Next, my early work life and Church of the Resurrection/Church of the Great Shepherd friends. Toss in a mix of online friends, especially those relating to my Amazon.com reviewing adventures. Finally, now, at Wheaton Bible Church, my running community friends, and my Hungarian friends thanks to Aliz.

Why the list? Facebook. These worlds are colliding. They just don't know it.

Some are indirectly connecting on a group I began, What's Your Gas Price? Others just happen to read what's on my Wall.

Ran across one person who I long lost contact with, and saw pictures and was pleased life had turned out wonderfully. Connected with some grad school friends who I have wished I kept in touch with better, and likewise am pleased they found their way. A few, through me, were able to connect with others they hold dear.

This is a good thing. As I lay in bed this weekend, dreadfully bore down with a cold -- this lifts my heart.
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