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Unite! Trendl Trendel Trendle Trendell Families

As a keeper of the Trendl name, a fairly rare name in the big world, I thought it might be good to get us all together.

If your last name is Trendl, Trendel, Trendle or Trendell, you are invited to join a new Facebook group: Trendl Trendel Trendle Trendell - Common Interest - Families.

We are who we are. The name is pronounced the same no matter how it is spelled, so something connects us.

For some, we are directly related. This can help us connect, remember, or manage genealogy. If nothing else, we can smile knowing we aren't alone.

If you a Smith, Jones, Johnson or Patel, sorry. No Thompsons, Williams, Browns, Davises, Miller or Wilsons.

If you are a Trendl, I want you.
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