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A Violin-worthy Soliloquy

Can you hear the wisp of a violin's soliloquy singing out my sad song?

Friday was rough. I had plans to attend a fellow running club member's party -- an annual Christmas-related event she hosts. Suits, ties and cocktail dresses. My day was not destined to involve a party.

Friday stunk. Snow made it difficult to get out of the complex we live in, then I lost control of my car on my way to work, and hit a curb. Record snow and ice rain likely caused more than a few accidents.

30 minutes later, a long drive became longer, just south of Wheaton Academy (near North Ave on Prince Crossing), I had had a flat tire. Despite the great help of an old friend, the tire was extremely difficult to remove. Frozen, wet, aching (much labor in tire removal).

My usual start time at work is around 8:00 am. Friday, I got there at 10:30 am.

Realizing I was short a few photos for a newsletter I am putting together, I had to stay late to take some pictures of a basketball game. On my way to the game, I twisted my ankle hard. It still hurts a few days later. I got home, was wiped out and simply had no party-energy.
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