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I Am Not a Millionaire

I am not a millionaire. We looked over my savings, budget, income, and the rest of my financials, and it is true.

Neither are you, probably.

I used to declare to my brother I would be a millionaire by the time I was 30. Didn't happen.

Do I wish I was? I don't care anymore. There are things I want, but money means nothing. Most of the things I want are not relevant to my health, so these can be easily ignored. I do not have the belief (defiantly) that God wants us rich. Maybe he wants us in a place to give, but giving that money to Best Buy for a huge TV isn't it. Giving to the hungry, the thirsty, those who cannot protect themselves beats a cool TV, doesn't it? I would rather see the smile of a well-fed person across the table than a starving person in high definition.

Give to World Relief to help refugees here and abroad. Give to places that help unwed moms, like the one near me. Give to homeless missions, like the Olive Branch Mission in Chicago. Or, if you are a milionaire, hire someone who needs a job.

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