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October 17, 2011 - One Thousand Days of Barack Obama - Hope?

I didn't vote for Barack Obama. I am not among those who see today as great joy. I'm ambivalent, since no man is truly leading this country alone. We have checks and balances in America, and this will temper all decisions.

That a black man can be elected I am happy, but race has nothing to do with my view of him.

However, if he can improve the economy, great.

Personally, this is the best year economically our family has ever had, and getting better, but things can change. Layoffs happen.

The housing problem could result in great strides for us as I look for my first home. Still, the suffering of others is not what we want. If Obama can help them, fantastic.

The terrorism issue concerns me, so if Obama can keep America safe from bin Laden and others, great. I am less confident here, but he ran his campaign based on less information than he will see as president.

In general, I'm hopeful, but I am always hopeful. I see Obama like a Hail Mary Pass. He will either succeed wildly, or fail miserably. However, as many Americans see failure as status quo, he might be worth a chance.

Obama, like Bush, like Clinton, Like Reagan, will be judged partly on the actions of those he surrounds himself with, not great speeches. He knows this, and I think he will give a great speech today, and then be relatively quiet the next 100 days trying to be a man of action, not speeches.

In 100 days, he'll knock off the easy stuff that gains good press. The real work is in the next 1,000 days. My hope resides toward October 17, 2011.
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