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Pete Seeger Sings Amazing Grace

Pete Seeger, not famous as a man of faith, sings one of the most sacred of songs, Amazing Grace. With a banjo in hand, he tells vaguely the story, but misses the spritual broken heart noted by John Newton. What Newton wrote, as most know, was not a social activism song, but one about the grace of God. That he happened to have been a slave trader accentuates what he knows of grace, given the horror of what slavery is. Afterwards, Seeger sings a perky song.

Not the best rendition of Amazing Grace. Pete's 88 here (he is still at it even today), and the crowd is small and unresponsive compared to his concerts of the 1960-70s when he played before thousands, often with the Weavers. Still, he adapts and tries to meet the crowd where they are at.

Know slavery is still rampant, but on a black market level. Check out this book by my friend Dawn Herzog Jewell on what's going today.

Escaping the Devil's Bedroom: Sex Trafficking, Global Prostitution, and the Gospel's Transforming Power

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