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Robot, Anyone?

Des Moines, Iowa -- Dave's an out of work senior software engineer. Credentials like his are hard to find. Motorola, Rockwell and others fill his resume. He's been involved in things people actually use, like cell phones and the washing machines you see in laundry mats. Still, the market is tough. He is interviewing heavily, and keeping his eyes open for a good position.

Like any of us, he wants a better world. He's not an economist, though, but he is an engineer. He knows a few things very well, and high on his list of expertise is electronics.

Some men with technology in their back pocket spend it playing online games, wondering what happens to their time. Squandering his days is not an option, decided David Weichelt of Des Moines, Iowa. He is not the type that will wake up in his 60s and ask what he did with his life.

Some men lament the struggles of high unemployment rates, and dwell on what they can't do. Despair is not an option either. Action is. But why not have fun in the process?

So what is he doing? Building a robot. Watch the build in process. Keep up with his adventures involving a cat, a dog, and a boy named Jake.

Can he build it? Yes he can.
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