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The Sky Isn't Falling, Nor Is Your Messiah Delivering

If you are reading this, the sky has not fallen, nor has the Messiah arrived. At least, not in Washington DC.

As a conversative, you might be dismayed your dour prediction has not come true. Your guy did not win, but America has not dried up. As a liberal, you are a little disappointed that thrill up your leg is just a tease. The guy you voted for won, but there's more to being on the winning team than a single election.

I don't agree with a lot Barack Obama brings to the table. Besides being defiantly prochoice, very willing to allow mothers the legal ability to kill their babies, he doesn't get the nature of the war in Iraq. True, it could be managed better, but Obama is willing to let democracy fail to be properly installed there. Just the same, he will be better than Jimmy Carter was in the late 1970s.

Obama has a great opportunity to do great things. Every president does. In his case, he can help lead our nation to a better economy. How much can one president do in four years when our economy is part of a global economy? I hope a lot.

The sky will not fall under his watch. It cannot fall, at least not by his design.

Chicken Little [Blu-ray]

So far so good. Here's to America!

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