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Thankful in the Midst of Stress

Up late, not feeling well, I caught myself looking at a prayer request a friend sent, a reminder from another friend to read something from the Book of Acts, and the news regarding layoffs. Caterpillar and Sprint, among others announced major layoffs Monday. 75,000 people are losing their jobs, not counting my friends. Tonight, I learned of friends who are looking for work. One is a single mom, and another woman is an underemployed designer. Meanwhile, I met Brian, a newly graduated designer. He needs a job, his first one.

There is much I am thankful for, but today, the message surrounding me was work. It is good to have.

During the day, I thought about my previous four months at Wheaton Academy. My first performance review is coming up Friday and I was asked to complete a form asking me my impressions about my work. These things can be a minefield of dishonesty, but I will give my honest reaction. It caused me to think reflectively from a reality-based point of view.

I am thankful for my job. It is a job, but within it are important things: relationships, opportunities to serve, spiritual lessons, and, then, in the tasks I'm called to do, the ability to communicate to the outside world the strengths of a Christian high school. That I can sustain my family on this is a greater blessing.

We are eating, paying our rent, and surviving. We have a friend who lost her home in a fire. We are helping as we can. We are helping my dad get cable TV for the first time. This is possible because of my work.

Aliz works at a major retailer facing layoffs soon, and sometimes the media implies more dire concerns for her company. Neither she nor I know what is in front of us. I admit, I feel the stress of it all, but also know I'm not in control. I know who is.
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