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Useful in Studios, Less So For Individual Designers - American Corporate Identity reviewed

American Corporate Identity

"American Corporate Identity" by David E. Carter is a handy overview of a broad range of corporate imaging. Full of 'groundbreaking designs'? Not really. Some ideas will be very new to readers, but much of it, though very creative in its context, will seem routine to followers of branding and marketing ideas. It lacks strategic context.

Well-organized, well-indexed, but ultimately, it is a reference book that a studio can keep on hand for those times when a client needs help thinking, or a job needs inspiration.

It is useful as a picture book, but can be improved had the creators provided insight about the effectiveness of the designs. What challenges did the clients place before the projects began, and how did the campaigns meet those challenges? Did they make money or achieve influence Were the campaigns within reasonable budgets? Otherwise, all the book becomes is fodder for the studio lunchroom.

Anthony Trendl
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