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In the news, there are those calling Christians antisemitic. The Pope, the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church, recently booted priest who is a Holocaust denier. I don't know exactly what the booting entailed, but I doubt it was what the priest wanted. Just the same, it is a reminder than even among those who ought to know better, bigots are abound.

There is hope.

I'm a Christian. I used to work for this group, and was immensely impressed out how much Christians of all flavors reached out (in a non evangelistic way even) to Jews, to Israel. They have given millions upon millions of dollars through this group alone to help the Jewish people, with the money given managed by major Jewish organizations here and abroad.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

They aren't the only ones. Any of us who attend a large church may have heard about smaller relief efforts, dialogue, and mutual respect between Jews and Christians.

There can be no toleration of antisemitism. Jesus Christ was Jewish, as of course were Mary, Joseph, the Apostles and most of who he encountered. While bigots exist among atheists and all religious people alike, the Christian, given who we worship, is compelled to be beyond neutral on this issue.

There are complex political and human rights issues to consider, and, as a country, Israel is not always right. Palestine is not always wrong. Bombings, snipers and general thievery is not OK, no matter how much I support Israel's right to exist as a country. But antisemitism (which Palestine has plenty of) is a sin.
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