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A Brave New (Old) World: Björk, Scatman, and Four Bucks

I grew up when 33 RPM albums were cool, 45 RPM singles were hip, and vinyl referred to music, not upholstery. I bristled when CDs came about, but now, am on that bandwagon. Now, iPods. Everyone has one. Almost everyone, at any rate.

I have an 80 gigabyte iPod. It can house, as it seems, every song I ever heard, or might have heard, had I listened to every station in every city non-stop my entire life? Or thereabouts.

This is not about my iPod. It is about buying music online. I have had an iPod for a year, enjoying it with increasing excitement as I run on a treadmill. And, with decreasing enjoyment. Huh? That's right. I love my iPod, but my collection of good songs to run to is slim. I'm growing tired of Springsteen and Queen, and the rest. All good stuff, but I need more.

Welcome, them, to iTunes. New to me, old to you. Like my dad, who has cable TV for the first time in his life, paying for what was free seems strange. Not quite the same, is it? I did pay for CDs, but - I can't explain this - the whole idea of clicking to receive music that costs me $0.99 feels wrong.

Downloaded three Björk songs and one by John Scatman. Spent just under four bucks.

I'm glad to, in a sense, to spend the money. I am far from being part of the camp that justifies pirating music. Stealing is stealing, and so I paid for these songs.

I know, it's only rock n' roll, but I like it.
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