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Divestiture at the Eve of Dawn: Concurrency in the Light of God

It's early in the morning and I'm trying to think about those lyrics, "early in the morning," Paul Simon sings in one of his songs. Did it come from "Graceland?"

I can hear the song in my head, but the words aren't coming through to the other side of my brain.

Coffee's brewing. Some hazelnut my wife picked up at a World Market that's closing up. It'll do.

Long day ahead of me after a long day behind me, and a night that was far shorter than I wished it would've been.

Perception is the bane and truth in many situations, and somehow, these must coexist without making either one a lie. In an ordinary context, this means washing and waxing the car before offering it up for sale. The car is not better when clean, nor worse when dirty, but presumptions are made for all kinds of reasons, largely based on supposition. Such are the mores of this land.

A good run last night kept a stressful day better, and prepared for a better day today. A long week is in process. I fed that week with a good meal. Comfort food. Not quite the Bread of Life, but still pretty good.

God's got me covered. Twice. Coming and going. And, He's doing both at once.

Concurrency. That's an insurance term, learned from a few too many gigs writing for Aetna, Blue Cross, Hewitt Associates and couple of others. Here, with God, one policy, as it were, covers me twice, as opposed to the insurance industry which thinks of it as two policies covering the same concern.

Here I am, on a fallen earth, constantly swept up in His grace, despite myself. It never stops. It isn't for the lack of perfection. It is because of the presence of sin.

All my life is about divesting myself from myself, and this is as true today as it was yesterday. There is a lot of me that needs to go. All of this ends when I end, and that could be any moment. It won't be just any moment. God knows; He just hasn't let me in on when it is.

Eternally, grace really gets going as I go from an earthly realm to a heavenly one. The jump is a big one, and the divesting is entirely God's job. My old body gets dumped, and I put something else on. Don't ask me what. I don't know. Whatever suit He gives my soul, it'll fit perfectly.

God's light is brighter than any dawn. Even if the sun explodes, it will only expose that its shadow cannot compete with the grace of God.

Now, at 6:20 this morning, dawn still hasn't hit. Weatherman scheduled it for 6:54 am CT. It won't until Christ returns. I'll be waiting.

Paul Simon singing "Late in the Evening," live in 1992. This could be the song. The difference between late and early depends on requisite sleep.

Here's a studio version from a best-of album Simon releases (mp3)
Late In The Evening

Get the entire album The Essential Paul Simon

Click through and find the rest of Simon's catalog, including "One Trick Pony," the album it was originally on.

Phil Keaggy singing, "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus"
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