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The Opposite of Dogma is Dogma

The opposite of dogma is dogma. There's no way around it. To claim there is no certainty is itself a statement claiming certainty. Hence, there are few truly tolerant people. Tolerating vagaries, suggesting anything is possible either is the result of small-mindedness, ignorance, or foolishness.

I do not mind acknowledging I am dogmatic.

Not in all things, naturally.

I will not defend my present belief that Jimi Hendrix is one of the top three greatest guitarists ever. I am not that sure.

I likewise will consider that the sky is not blue. I have read some pretty good arguments against that illusion dealing with gasses, sunlight and refraction. That's over my head, and although, to me, the sky is blue, I will defer that there is probably more to say on the matter.

I might stand firmer on the question of Bob Dylan being the most important songwriter of the 20th Century, and that the 1985 Chicago Bears own the title, "Greatest Sports Team Ever," but, again, will step back if given a good argument to the contrary. Not quickly, but eventually, I might listen.

That's not how it is with God. I'm dogmatic there. If you do not believe God exists, candidly, I know you are wrong. That's too bad. There can be no "We each have our own truths," in this regard. God either exists, or He does not.

Faith in God cannot be so suggestive that it tolerates a co-existing non-paradox that God does not exist. Similarly, Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Not Allah. I will not toy with definitions there, not if 'Allah' is defined as the Koran defines him, because, if I accept that context, I must also accept a litany of lies about Jesus. Sorry, but Jesus Christ is Lord.

It is an ugly world in which some people kill others to supposedly convince them their god is better. I don't buy that plan.

When I hear that some Muslims do this, I cannot say whether or not Islam teaches the acceptability of murder, but I can say it indicates a weakness of faith. Apparently, those doing the killing have so little faith in what they believe that they realize the only way to convert is through chopping off the convert's head. Bully theology is no theology at all.

When I hear a Christian is guilty of the same charge, I shake my head, knowing they are breaking one of the commandments God gave Moses.

Back to dogma -- I never left the topic. I am comfortable with being certain there is truth, and that I am most dogmatic when it comes to Jesus Christ. Disagree? So be it. We can still have dinner, go running, have coffee, listen to Jimi Hendrix, cheer on the memory of Walter "Sweetness" Payton while enjoy a walking under the big blue (or whatever, but please "Excuse me while I kiss the ...) sky, but this one about Jesus is nonnegotiable.

I will not curb my dogma.
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