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CareFest 2009 - A Service Effort in DuPage County

Facebook and I are gaining a strange relationship. At first, I looked at it with disdain, and generally useless. I was wrong.

Technically, it has been a breeze. Things to learn? Sure, but mostly, it is no different than a content management app on steroids.

As a result, I have learned the value and use of Facebook groups. I have created many, from silly ones to pragmatic ones to strategic ones. So, if your name is also Anthony, I have a group for you. Running a marathon? Yup. Went to my grammar school? That's a bigger one.

And now, an even more important one. You guessed it (you cheated, didn't you, looking at that subject line and logo?).

CareFest on Facebook
CareFest is something I have been involved with for a couple years. If you live around the DuPage area, consider getting involved. Volunteering is easy, and, after (and before) May 2 is just as important. However, on May 2, you're part of an organized effort. If you have no skills or very strong skills, there's a place for you and your family.

I first got involved two years ago when my consulting business was at a dead stop. Unemployed/underemployed people have more time, and, like me then, are able to offer time helping set-up. Consider the upside of not having a job is you are "free to move around the county."

Check out the official press release below. Join the Facebook group if that's your thing, or call Wheaton Bible Church for more info: 630.260.1600. Drop me a line here if you are going.

CareFest 2009
A Service Effort in DuPage County

CareFest is a one-day missions trip to DuPage County. The goal is to build bridges of light into our community.

We will spend Saturday, May 2 serving schools, parks, our local ministry partners and local not-for-profits. By serving sacrificially, we communicate that we care and love our community. Projects will last all day, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. These projects include cleaning, landscaping, painting and light carpentry or plumbing. If you have a special skill, i.e. a plumber or an electrician, please let us know. Families with young children (under eight years old) will be assigned to projects the whole family can enjoy.

CareFest is for everyone. This is an opportunity to fulfill Jesus’ command to serve one another and to learn about the needs in our community. We hope your small group, Adult Community and/or family finds a place where you can serve on a regular basis.

CareFest will start at 8:15 am with a kick-off rally at Wheaton Bible Church. We hope to see you there!
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