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Dystopia and the UnAmerican Dream

Hopeful? Pessimistic?

Forget all the bumper sticker politics for a moment. Think hope. Hope in something real.

Lights are going off for an hour in many cities. Why? Send the message to save energy. That's good, but there's a hard reality coming.

Energy will eventually end out, the sun will run out of gas, and anyone left living will die. My blog will no longer be updated. Sorry about that, but it is true.

No matter what we do, the end is near. How near? Ask God. No, don't. I did, and He's not telling.

So how can we hope?

While the light are off, remember the Light of the World, the lamp at your feet, the maker of the sun and the moon.

In the meanwhile, do what is right. Dystopia, or 'pessism porn' seems to be the tension in American society. Some blame men, others blame society in general. Some blame a few people close to them.

Americans are a long way from believing in the American Dream. Is this correlated with the empty church syndrome? I don't know. I do know that it sed to be understoofd that an American could do anything if he tried, lived right, and maybe had a little luck. Now, who do we depend on to lift us up? Not pluck. Not luck. And sadly, not ourselves.

Step up. Do what is right. What is right? Start with helping widows and orphans. Start with driving politely. Start with saying hello to people in the hallway at work.

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