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Feeling Groovy on a Cold Day

Getting groovy at La Spiaza. More pictures on my Facebook account.
photo credits:
Dan Stultz

It is 18°F. Cold, but a great day. The end of a long week, which will be followed by another long week, but all is good. Spring is coming. Long, lingering runs on the Prairie Path are ahead. Sipping coffee on my patio at dawn, reading a book - also just a few weeks ahead.

Times are tough for many people. A friend pointed out that this is a time to help each other out. If you are out of work, do something with the free time. Help your neighbor. If you are blessed with work, invite a friend over for dinner. In the meanwhile, enjoy the inexpensive things: sun, borrowed books, coffee.

Complaining, becoming bitter, blaming politicians or business leaders will not improve anything but your odds of feeling depressed. Roll with it all, and be joyful. Always.

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