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Tea Fans Unite - Reviews and Thoughts on Tea (with Alfred Hitchcock video)

The 39 Steeps: Adventures in Tea

Good friend Steven Knoerr is my tea teacher. I rarely drink the stuff, but when I need to be in the know, I call him. He has started a tea blog packed with reviews of teas and tea sellers, as well as thoughts on plantations, culture, and the related products.

Read up on oolong, peek in on pekoe, and ponder puerh.


As you might guess, his blog makes a reference to Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie, The 39 Steps (Criterion Collection Spine #56). Any Hitchcock movie is a worthy watch, and buying through my blog helps offset the downturn of the economy (mine, of course). Yes, that's a plea to click through the ads. Don't be shy. You can do it.

The 39 Steps (Criterion Collection Spine #56)

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